Monday, January 30, 2012

What is your Elf's Name?

Ok, So we received a new Elf in our office and put a lot of thought of what to name her.   We thought about all the girly names that had some type of Christmas inspiration to them like.... Holly, Grace, Angel, Joy, Tinsel, Eve, Sparkle, Belle, Pixie (just because we were naming an Elf).   In the end we decided on something uniquely different.

The name had to be fun and memorable and it also needed to make us smile when we heard it.  So we decided  her name should be JingleMcTwinkle and this blog is named after her.   She doesn't sit alone either because we have a male Elf as well - His name is ZipManTwinkle and is very much a part of our life too.

Elves just as humans have their own personalities.   JingleMcTwinkle is absolutely a girly girl Elf that enjoys all that Christmas has to offer - She is very inspirational though out the Holiday season, encouraging family fun and holiday traditions.   ZipManTwinkle is a little goofy and somewhat rambunctious, in a good way though because we finally figured out, he just wants everyone to smile, giggle and have fun.

So does your family have an Elf, and if so, what name did you pick and why?

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