Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yearly memory box, turns into a family Journal

This year 2011-2012, we decided to start another fun family tradition of saving memories.  Our Plan:  Make a memory/Note box and  from New Years day until New Years eve, we will add our individual special memories, thoughts, photos etc., into our memory box.

The Box:   We sealed a cardboard box and made a collage of Note Box design with our family name Sebree which basically cost us nothing but time.   We cut a slot in the top about 5 inches long and about 1/2" thick.  Now we are ready to go.  We decided to create some little quarter page note pages with a place for the date, some lines for our thoughts.

We will be adding little love notes to each other, special photos, drawings, proud comments, sad things we want to share, memories of loved ones, friends and family.   A special note is on our fridge that simply states "Memories" as a reminder.

On new years eve, 2012 we will cut open our memory box as a family and read the memories with each other, have some fun, tears and some laughter for sure.  I feel we will truly gain a lot from this experiment as a family.  We will learn a little more about thoughts, feelings, love and more.   After sharing our memories, we will bind it all together to make a homemade family journal for the year, 2011.

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